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IT Professional Services

IT Professional Services

IT Professional Services definition means the whole of the process instructed by means of guidelines, prepared and designed in systems along with corroborating practices which can be accomplished by a business or component of an enterprise to organize, supply, function as well as manage IT solutions provided to clients. It’s consequently focused on the execution of superior IT IT Professional Servicesprograms which meet the requirements of clients, and it is also carried out by the IT vendor by using an ideal mixture of individuals, process and data technologies.

Trust is the most common underlying theme for this industry. Professional services firms are connected through common features like people utilization, processes and workflows, information and data, integration and security. However, changing economics, evolving market needs, and technology-driven drivers are disrupting the established top firms and their market positions, intensifying competition, bringing in new entrants along with innovative offerings and platform-based solutions.

Advisory & Consulting

Advisory & consulting firms have always been considered as agents of digital transformation. It is believed that cognitive AI will soon replace 30% of consultants. Hence, advisory & consulting firms are looking for ways to use technology to gain a competitive advantage.

The increasing data volume is challenging the traditional model of companies. While traditional models for these platforms include people, T&M and billing utilization-driven processes, there is now an urgency to disintermediate traditional models of managing information.

At Stecktra, we can help clients by enhancing collaboration, workflow and customer relationship management.

Key Offerings:

  • Cloud based solutions (SaaS, PaaS)

  • Reports & Dashboards for data analysis

  • Learning Solutions & Portals

  • Workflow/Business Process Management

  • Business Process Services

  • Robotic process automation

  • Enterprise Solutions

Implementation and Support of
  • MS Dynamics
  • Salesforce
  • Oracle
  • CyberArk

  • UiPath
  • Automation Anywhere
  • Blue Prism
  • Pega
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